Love in The Time of Corona – Menu Week 2

Herbed Citrus Turkey

I’m suddenly aware of many things I’m grateful for this week – my husband who is shouldering a good deal of the mental and emotional burden of our world and local situation, my friends who keep me laughing, and my pug Floyd who only knows love, food, forgiveness and cray-cray (which keeps me laughing also!)  How about some decent weather and the ability to take a walk and chat with our neighbors (from 6 feet, of course)?  This, and sourcing some fine turkey has made me want to cook Thanksgiving all over again!  So…this week’s menu includes an Herbed Rubbed Citrus Turkey Breast with Savory Cranberry-Celery Sauce on top of homemade Mixed Bread & Parsley Stuffing, along with our fantastic Chicken Divan Casserole (think cheesy broccoli), and Mixed Winter Greens Lasagna with Pumpkin Marinara and our House Herbed Ricotta.  If we haven’t hit your spot, click here on Comforting Casseroles to choose your own for next week.  First come gets first served and to help pick the casseroles for the week!  My client SJM Picked the Chicken Divan for this week.  And don’t forget to dunk your spoons into our Gratitude Soup (Turkey Tarragon LOADED with veggies and Forbidden Rice, this soup is broth based and on our Feed your Brain Menu.  Need I say more?!?)  Also, our Roasted Broccoli and Welsh Cheddar continues to be a hit so it’s back again this week.   For more Soulful Slurpy Soups (same as above applies – first come first on the menu!) click here.  Just call or email to order for your family or friends in need, and you can pick up or I can deliver!

Don’t forget, it’s only me folks, along with my 90% isopropyl alcohol, my bleach, and my vinegar…and if you want, my mask, and my gloves too!  If you’re wondering how you can help battle this pandemic, don’t worry – I’m helping for you.   When you order, I make a little extra to deliver to Welcome House to help keep our homeless population healthy.

If your office or your family needs sustenance, you can’t get it from a safer place.  Let me know how I can help.  I’ll do everything I can to be there for you.  With, in, and for love – Lula!  PS – for the recipe for our delicious Corona Cocktail – look below!

A Note From Chef Lori ; 859-360-0251

Introducing the Corona Cocktail! It’s what two boozehounds do when they’re stuck at home with ingredients they need to get rid of…and it’s DELICIOUS! 1.5 oz of your favorite bourbon or whiskey, 5 oz of Unsweetened Almond Milk, 2 tsp Maple Syrup, and two dashes of Nutmeg. Pour over ice!

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