I’m “Different.” Yay, ME!

Folks I don’t know when I’ve ever been so tired.  Blissfully tired.  Every time I get frustrated that I cannot find my rhythm, I remember that the ONLY rhythm I’ve ever had was Covid.  Week in, week out, new menu.  See what’s available and lookin’ good…plan menu, publish menu, take orders, order/shop, prep, cook, deliver…and do it AGAIN.  Week after week for about 13 straight months.  Then people got vaccinated.  Started celebrating with family.  Then with friends.  Now my business families are back at it with open houses and lunch ‘n learns.  But the rhythm isn’t THERE.  It’s not supposed to be, and I am reminded that’s one of the reasons I love what I do so MUCH!  

Another reason is accolades.  I think most of you know that I LIVE for praise.  About my food.  Nothing brings me more joy than actually being there and seeing your face consumed with pleasure, and hearing you congratulate me for making you feel so good.  I hear “fantastic!”, “glorious” , “oh my god I’ve never tasted anything so delicious!”  “and DIFFERENT”!!!    “It’s different“.  Highest praise ever.  There’s a REASON I describe Lula’s as “Unique, Boutique Cuisine” !!  It keeps me from getting bored, and it keeps you delighted.  Yay, ME!

PS…I’ve gotten my hands on some fresh Arctic Char – if you want some Piccata Style, with some Spinach and Forbidden Rice Salad.   You’ll have to call 859-360-0251 or email lori@Lulasforlunch.com to get your order in – quick, while supplies last!  With, in, and for love, Lula

Lula’s Catering lori@Lulasforlunch.com 859-360-0251

I’ve been told I make the best Ahi Tartare in the land…here’s a pic of last week’s offering at a financial seminar/happy hour.  YES, you can combine learning with happy drinks and happy food!

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What is Mead? HONEYMOON Food!

Any upcoming nuptials this  Summer?

In ancient Babylon, the bride’s father would supply his son-in-law with all the mead (fermented honey beverage) he could drink for a month after the wedding. Because their calendar was lunar or moon-based, this period of free mead was called the honey month or what we now call the “honeymoon.”

While we at Lula’s Catering don’t offer any mead beverage options, you really should try our Homemade Honey-Lavendar Iced Tea the next time you cater in!! – Lula



Soup and Quiche on the Menu!

Folks I said there wouldn’t be a menu for a while and there ISN’T.  You can’t click through and see meals anymore, but a friend harvested some fantastic ASPARAGUS, and I have an abundance of CHORIZO right now, so I”m offering on a first come first served basis Lula’s Creamy Asparagus Soup (gf) and Chorizo and Sweet Pepper Quiche.    You can order the quiche without crust if you’d like it to be gluten free, or if you’d prefer an eggier dish, I can do a frittata for you.  Another dear friend harvested Serviceberries for me and since I’ve never worked with them I’m not offering them to YOU – I’m going to experiment and perhaps you’ll see them as another offering in the near future.

The Creamy Asparagus Soup can be enjoyed hot on a stormy day like today, but I actually like it best chilled.  It’s fantastic as an accompaniment to a light salad or a piece of that quiche (see pic below to have your mouth water)!  When it’s hot, I can fill myself up easily with just a piece of crusty bread dunked in. You’ll have to call 859-360-0251 or email lori@Lulasforlunch.com to get your order in – quick, while supplies last!  With, in, and for love, Lula

Lula’s Catering    lori@Lulasforlunch.com    859-360-0251

I’ve been told I make the best quiche in the land…besides the love, I don’t skimp on ingredients.  Our Chorizo and Sweet Pepper Quiche is layered with a fantastic Chipotle-Jack Cheese and sweet onions, as well as lovely garden grown “belle” peppers!!  It serves 8 easily and can be frozen for future indulgence.

About Chef Lori

Chef Lori Pierce, owner of Lula’s, creates unique, boutique cuisine to impress your guests and clients in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.  Our custom recipes and menus delight an intimate gathering of 10, a celebration for 100, and anything in between.

At Lula’s, Love is ALWAYS our first ingredient!

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