Are You An Oven Clutz?

How does one get these fantastic smooth layers?  Well, I personally don’t know – I’m not very good at this – this beautiful cake from one of my new bride and grooms is courtesy of Servatiis.  What I DO know is that practically every time I use the oven (multiple times a day) I burn myself.  Check out my arms sometime.

I have discovered, when baking anything round in a pan like one of these cake layers or a quiche, that if I use a spatula and sneak it underneath the pan and rotate it instead of using oven mitts, I char myself less frequently.  Hope this helps for you too!  Other tips and tidbits relating to ANYTHING food and drink can be found  here, joyeously provided by Lula’s Catering !

The Last Pickup and Delivery Menu for a WHILE…

Folks I’ve been putting off writing for this week and now that it’s just a day before this newsletter goes out, I’m snuggled in bed listening to the thunder and remembering mom telling me “it’s just God moving his piano”.  I love storms and rain!

This newsletter is bittersweet because it will be the last weekly menu for delivery or pickup for a while – at least until July.  Catering has picked up significantly, and while I’m so HAPPY people are beginning to live a little again, I’m just not sure how to feel about giving up the thing that has fulfilled me and FILLED you for the last year – this is my 50th menu, and I took a week off here and there … a little over a year has passed since my pivot into a very different way of cooking to answer your needs as well as mine.  What a year!  I’ve fed first responder families too busy to cook, families in mourning, families absolutely SICK of trying to come up with something new for the kids that were home all DAY every DAY … moms that sometimes just wanted a moment for themselves and ordered Charcuterie boxes to hide with in the bubble bath.   I hope I helped some too, with the people out there hurting so badly because of this pandemic – the homeless and the hiding, and the kids not getting the nutrition they used to get from school.   So, with some sadness, and with some excitement, I just can’t do it all anymore.  I’ll still be available if you want to give me a week’s notice to put something together for you, but you’ll have to do the thinking from now on – order what you want, and I’ll do it if I can!  And please think of Lula’s when you’re planning a celebration of any type, or just want to feed the office.  I’m still following all safety protocols (these were in place BEFORE Covid hit), and you can count on healthful, beautiful, delicious food.

In the meantime, here are some highlights from this week’s menu:   You may have seen this picture of our Lemon-Arugula Pasta Salad on Social Media – it’s a family favorite and I’m offering it one last time.  This picture was for a fancy get together and I just had to use Great Grandmother Ida Columbia’s punchbowl for the occasion.  A reminder to you that your celebration table can have MOST of our weekly selections on it!  I’m also bringing back Ballpark Casserole one last time as it was a special request.  Our Shrimp and Saffron Risotto with Spring Peas is new for this week – it’s sure to be a hit.

The Prosciutto and Arugula Quiche was so popular it’s back, as well as a special request for Spinach and Mushroom.   I’m trying out a new Cajun Salmon Salad and Jerked Chicken is back (see picture below to see what it looks like when it’s delivered to your office)!  You can access the menu with more goodies like our family favorite Loaded Chicken Noodle Soup and a brand new Black Bean & Rice Soup just to say “hello!” to Cinco de Mayo at I’m not going anywhere (except to Chincoteague Island for a long week coming SOON); I’m here when you need me! With, in, and for love, Lula

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Our Jerked Chicken Salad is not spicy.  I make my own jerk seasoning and add heat to your specifications.  The pineapple in the salad sweetens it up JUUUUST enough to make you want to keep shoveling it in your mouth! Click to visit our website.