Happy Spring of Snow!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Spring Everybody!  As I write this I am witnessing a literal white out from my desk window.  Our neck of the woods received 6 inches of snow this week of the beginning of spring.  I know this because I measured it on my back deck.  This did not deter me, however, from INSISTING on a few spring preparations:  Tarragon Shrimp Salad, Grand Marnier Marinated Strawberries with Clotted Elderflower Cream, Roasted Artichoke Dip with Spinach and Shrimp, Cream of Asparagus or Leek Soup…the list goes on and on.  There are so many foodstuffs budding and brimming forth – beautiful free range spring lamb, and fresh rabbit can still be had, as well as Oysters (Rockalula!) and Mussels.  Rhubarb and Apricots are beckoning me (be on the lookout for our Raspberry Rhubarb and Apricot Sage Preserves finding their way into our recipes!)   I think “creativity” is the descriptor that keeps coming up in reviews that have earned us “Caterer of the Year” for 4 consecutive years with Angie’s List (see more bragging below in the second section!)

With the changing of each season I get so excited about the possibilities of the new bounty.  We have Easter and graduating mouths to feed, as well as new moms and parents to be, blushing brides and gallant grooms…the list goes on and on.  As you know we book out pretty thoroughly this season so if you have an event in mind its best to contact Lula’s sooner rather than later!   In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this picture of our Strawberry-Pistachio Trifle.  Drooling allowed.

A Note From Chef Lori

…and the hits just keep on comin’…we’ve won again (see proof below!), and it’s  because we love what we do and we love YOU.  Here are some descriptors YOU gave us this year:  “stunning”, “unique” “unmatched”, “inventive”, “attention to detail”, “beautiful presentation”, and, of course, “DELICIOUS”!!!

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About Chef Lori

Chef Lori Pierce, owner of Lula’s, creates unique, boutique cuisine to impress your guests and clients in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.  Our custom recipes and menus delight an intimate gathering of 10, a celebration for 100, and anything in between.

At Lula’s, Love is ALWAYS our first ingredient!

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The Carapace Conundrum (Crustacean or Mollusk?)

If you’re like me, you LOVE shellfish.  But they’re not all the same…a fun icky fact for you:  CRUSTACEANS have shells that are grown from a carbohydrate that they manufacture themselves called chitin, just like insects (way back when they were related… )   We’re talking shrimp, prawns, lobster, crab here.
MOLLUSKS grow their shells from materials they eat -mostly calcium carbonate – that is found in marble and limestone (not to mention egggshells!).   Mollusks grow their shells once or twice a year when they need to (the house gets kinda cramped when they grow) during the warm months.  You can see their growing cycle on their shells – the rings.  So you can tell how old your clam  (or mussel, or oyster, or scallop) is by counting the rings and multiplying by 1.5. There are scores of fun shellfish and mollusk options on our menu at www.lulasforlunch.com.   Here’s to the party in your mouth!