A Slice of Lemon, Please

Next time you order iced tea and the waitress asks, “With Lemon?” do yourself a favor and say yes.  If you make iced tea at home, a slice of orange will do almost the same good as the lemon, with a slice of lime coming in third.

Researches at Purdue University say adding the citrus slice helps you absorb far more of the antioxidants in tea, whether it’s green tea or black.

Citrus fruit is wonderful for you in many ways.  Lula’s for Lunch… and More! Catering incorporates citrus fruit into MANY of our dishes, sometimes overtly, and sometimes you’ll never even know it’s there!


Perfect Post Pizza!

Did you know that you can use an unglazed quarry tile (pick up one at HD or Lowes etc) – 6 or 8″ depending on the size of your toaster oven – to get a perfectly reheated pizza slice (s) ?  Just like you were at the restaurant!  Preheat the tiles at 425 for about 15 minutes.

Alternatively, if you’re not that anal, I always just nuke the piece (45sec) or pieces (1min), and while the microwave is running, turn on the gas flame (or elec burner) to medium under a non-stick frying pan.  When the microwave beeps, slide the pizza into the pan from the plate you used in the microwave and let it sizzle for a minute or so.  Suits me!  Tell me if it works for you!  Ask/About Lula