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So, for lots of us (and the grocery stores) fish is in store for the next few weeks – and I want to give you a helpful tip to keep your at home fish from being tough and dry.

Fish (any kind) contains ALOT of water and has a very loose protein structure that makes cooking fish a delicate process.  You just don’t want to over cook fish, because fish, more than any other protein, has dramatic “carry-over” cooking.

What is carry over cooking?  Well…you follow instructions when roasting meet to “let it rest” to re-absorb juices, right?  Well, it’s also finishing the cooking process right there on the counter.  That’s why most cookbooks/instructions tell you that medium rare is 130 degress…but they tell you to pull your meat from the heat at 125 degrees.

Same for fish, and funnily enough, when you cook your fish at a higher temperature, the carry over cooking is much more dramatic (ex. salmon at 250 degrees reaching a 125 temp will raise another 7 or so degrees sitting on the counter for 5 minutes, but salmon cooked at 450 degrees to 125 will raise another 27 degrees after 5 minutes!!  SO…..UNDERCOOK your fish at a LOW temperature and let it rest just like you do meat, and you’ll have moist, flaky, perfectly done fish!!  You’re welcome.  -Lula

Aphrodisiacs and Wellness!

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Lula’s usually takes a quick break in January in the form of a day off here and there, while we ALL recuperate from the holiday festivities but this year January was really packed.  I’m thrilled to say that 2016 really DID start with a bang, beginning with New Year’s Eve!    February is also packed with fun stuff –  be sure to watch Lula on Channel 19 (WXIX) at 9:45AM on 2/11 – educating you on a VERY appropriate topic for the month – Aphrodsiacs!!  We also are proud to be a sponsor of the Northern Kentucky Chamber’s Wellness Challenge, and YOU are invited to attend “Feed your Brain with Lula’s…OWN IT!” – a lunch ‘n learn at the Chamber on February 18 about Brain Health and our multiple delivery systems that keep us sharp, including an amazing brain healthy lunch!  You can click here to register.

Thanks to YOU…all of YOU…Lula’s is AGAIN the recipient of Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2015 for the ENTIRE REGION!!  We love you BACK!!

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