The Grocery Guide…Misleading Labels Part 5 “Organic”

There are two USDA seals – Organic, and Made with Organic Ingredients.  The first, Organic, is allowed to be on foodstuffs that have 95% or more of their ingredients organically produced – that is to say, without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and no GM (genetically modified) ingredients.  If the label says “Made with Organic Ingredients” then the requirements are 70% instead of 95%.  I know many farmers who do not wish to pay for such designations, and farm organically.  The best way to be sure is to shop locally at your farmer’s market and ask the man (or woman) who has had their hands in the dirt.  These people are proud of what they do and will share, with integrity, their methods.  At Lula’s for Lunch…and More! Catering we use lots of “organic” stuff – either from our garden, or family member’s gardens, or from the market.  But not all of it is labeled organic.  And I’m comfortable with that!  Enjoy this picture of Lula’s Organic Crispy Tuscan Kale.

The Grocery Guide…Misleading Labels Ch 4 Low Calorie or “Light”?

The term “low calorie” is actually quantified by the FDA to mean 40 calories or fewer per serving.  Be wary, however, of any label containing the word “light” – as its meaning can range from lighter in color or anything else and contain the EXACT same number of calories as the original food.  It’s probably more expensive as well because you’re paying for the perceived benefit on the new label, and that’s ALL. 


Yes…there is “light” mayo for example – but let’s face it, the small reduction in calories and fat is certainly not made up of health benefits in the addition of sugars and sodium!!  (Same situation as the “low fat” and “reduced fat” we learned about last time.  And fat free mayo?  Don’t get me started…let’s just say you’re not doing your body any favors ingesting the extra chemicals it takes to make non-fat foods marginally tasty.  When you order from Lula’s for Lunch…and More! Catering, you are always getting high quality wholesome ingredients without the chemicals!!