Asparagus – White or Green?

Asparagus is coming into season…a good time to educate you about the difference between White and Green Asparagus. White Asparagus are nothing more than Green Asparagus that have been deprived of sunlight (either real or artificial). No photosynthesis has been allowed to take place. I have heard that white asparagus are milder and less “bitter” than green, but I have also heard exactly the opposite. A blind taste test has proven to me that it makes no never mind which I use – so I use green on my beautiful white plates unless for some aesthetic reason white will “go with the outfit”!! Check out the beautiful pic of our Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Roast Beef with Homemade Wasabi Creme – a client favorite from !


If you’re like me, you go through around 5 pounds of onions a week.  NOT so my friend, who might buy an onion on a special occasion because she’s neither a cook or particularly fond of onions and only requires them for a recipe that requires them.  How to pick one onion out of the barrel at the store?  Well, obviously, look for an onion that is blemish free on the skin.  Beyond that, you can tell if it is fresh if the “rings” are more tightly packed, and this can be felt if the stem end is tight and firm.  If there’s any give, that means the onion has lost some moisture over time and the rings are, as a result, more loose.