Seasonal Asparagus

It’s high season for Asparagus.  When you run across it for $.89-.99 per pound, SNAP IT UP even if you can’t use it for up to a week!  Take the rubberbands off, rinse it, and run a little cold water in a tall glass or container, shove it in the container cut side down and throw it (not literally, you’ll have alot of water to clean up)in the fridge, and voila! you have asparagus at the ready for appx the next week.   Check out a pic of our Roast Beef Wrapped Roasted Asparagus with Homemade Wasabi Creme at . Here’s to yummy in season veggies!  – Lula

A Valentine for You!


  I love VD.  Not the disease… … but I LOVE a chance to take a moment to reflect on love, and let those I love and respect know it, and to rethink my approach “in” love to all that I do.  I am in the middle of a special opportunity to feed lovers a valentine’s meal…and it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.  Makes me re-commit to myself to live my life in love ( and fun – life’s too short, remember!!).  I’m in love with a world that needs special care, people who need tenderness and empathy, situations that need humour, and I’m in love with what I wake up and do every day (and who I wake up with … I’m not slighting you, my fabulous hubby!!).  So here’s a pic of my most current heart… Macerated Mixed Cherries with Vanilla-Lemon Sabayon in Pastry Hearts…beating for all of you!!!


Lori Pierce (Lula)

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