Healthy Eggs Primer – Foolproof Hard “Boiled” eggs

The Secret: Don’t boil them!  Place your eggs in cold water in a pan.  Bring the eggs to a SIMMER, and the MOMENT the water simmers, cover, remove from heat, and let sit 10 minutes.  You will never have green eggs or a green/black ring around them, and they will be tender but solid. They taste better, and they carry more nutritional content!  Happy Deviling.. – Lula

Healthy Eggs Primer – Oxidation

When you cook an egg, be careful – as soon as the yellow and/or white hardens, the cholesterol in the egg oxidizes, which can produce harmful chemicals.  In addition, cooking ANY food too much reduces the nutritional value.  Now, I LOVE deviled eggs (next time you order try my Deconstructed Truffled Deviled Eggs) and I will indulge every so often because they’re so darned yummy, but there IS a method of “hard boiled eggs” that is healthier than the traditional cooking method.  Stay tuned!  –