Olio Nuovo

New oil, or Olio Nuovo as the Italians say, is the first extra-virgin olive oil off of the press at harvest time.  It is brilliant green and has tiny particles of olive in it.  Up until the last year or two, only Italians have enjoyed this intense, fresh and RICH oil at harvest time (about late September through January), but NOW, we Americans can get it from our California producers via web.  A really great one I’ve tried is from McEvoy Ranch www.mcelvoyranch.com .  Another producer that sells this great stuff online is California Olive Ranch www.californiaoliveranch.com .  Though I haven’t tried this one it gets great marks.  If you’re an olive oil lover, just go to one of these websites and order a bottle and they’ll ship it to you so you can indulge in a unique sensory and taste experience.  You’ll miss it after it’s gone, and look forward to next season! – Lula