Salty, Sour, Bitter and Sweet

Your mouth registers four “tastes” (well, really, 5, but we’ll discuss the 5th in another installment).

Salt  not only enhances flavor (always put a dash into desserts!), but stimulates thirst AND appetite.

Bitter foods cleanse the palate and cut richness and sweetness.  Ever tasted cinnamon by itself?

Sour ingredients sate thirst, and “refresh” the palate.  The basis of sour is acid.  If you’re lacking that “champagne vinegar” the fancy recipe calls for, don’t panic.  Create your own recipe by adding a reasonable substitute like rice vinegar, or lemon juice (stay away from apple cider or balsamic until you’re comfortable with what you’re doing – they’re too distinctive!)

Sweet foods make you feel full (hence dessert is at the end of dinner!) (well, most of the time ). Sugar balances the 3 other tastes (think sugar and tomatoes).

In fact, the four sensations in your mouth all balance each other.  A well designed menu incorporates all of these taste sensations for a fully satisfying meal.  We at Lula’s pride ourselves on that total “love in your mouth”!

What do you have alot of?

Luscious, warm, juicy, brilliant, sweet tomatoes… go to and click on Seasonal Selections for an EASY recipe that will help you use 2 of your abundant garden items right now!!  And…just for my blog babies, check out the recipe below that will help you get rid of that most delicious of all weeds…MINT!!


¼ cup minced onion                        sauté low heat 1 tsp butter 10 min no browning


1 can broth


1 can water                                         add both – btb  then simmer


¾ cup frozen peas or fresh          add at the simmer, maintain for 5 min


¼ c mint leaves                                 add, maintain for 3 min




Dump all in blender, whir till smooth as possible, return to pan through fine mesh sieve (or china cap if you have one)


1/4c to ½ c heavy cream                stir through to desired viscosity and taste




Dash  cayenne, salt                         correct seasoning




Chill at least 2 hours.  Serves  4