Steel Wool

For  those of us who cannot give up our stainless steel pots and pans, steel wool is occasionally, unfortunately, a necessity to clean them.  I use it so rarely – how to keep them from rusting?  EASY!! A standard retail pack is 4 pads…I take scissors and cut each one into 4’s and when I’m through using a piece I just throw it away.  16 pads keep in the original box or a baggie under the sink – for me, that’s a good year’s worth, and I never have to worry about where to store my used steel wool because it will get rust all over anything it touches, because there’s never any rust!  -Lula

Storing Berries

There is a chemical reaction when berries (and tomatoes, which are a fruit,  for that matter) hit cold temperatures like those in your refrigerator.  They lose much of  their rich delicious flavor.  Berries mold very quickly at room temperature so what to do?!?  Firstly, only wash berries right before you eat them.  Store them in the fridge unwashed.  Put them on your counter for at least an hour before you wash and eat them, and some of the flavor will return.  – Lula