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Let’s Go on a Caper with Capers

MM Veal Piccata

You’re dying to know..you can’t fool Lula.  What in the world ARE capers?  Answer – capers, sometimes called caperberries, are the unopened, pickled flower buds of the trailing Capparis spinosa shrub that grows in desert regions.  Most of these shrubs grow in the Sahara and surrounding regions.  They can be found, however, in various climates that are dry and arid – southern France, for example, and any other place (Texas comes to mind) with similar climate.

There are 170 or so species, and we know they’ve been used in cuisine since around 600 BC.  The younger the caper, the better.  In France, gourmets pick the berries every two days off of the shrubs to ensure the best flavor.  Capers are one of the primary ingredients in any “piccata” dish.   Lula’s for Lunch..and More! Catering uses capers in our Chicken, Veal (it goes without saying free range!), Pork, and Salmon Piccatas, as well as in our Tuna Tapenade Salad and our Nicoise creations.  You can find these selections at our Lula’s for Lunch website and order them any time – because capers come pickled they are not “seasonal” – though people tend to prefer light, refreshing piccatas throughout spring and summer.   Which is happening now.  Put a little piquancy in your life!  Enjoy!

Brown Stock Primer #2

Why are veal bones the desired bones to use to prepare stock?  BECAUSE….drum roll please…. the bones of younger animals contain more cartilage and collagen, which makes a much richer, more velvety mouthfeel when the stock is finished.  This stock also makes a foolproof “aspic”, once clarified,  though most people don’t even know what that is anymore…   If you missed “Brown Stock Primer #1, it’s on file right here at ‘the blog”…  Now, wish me luck as I go feed 800 at the Franklin Convention Center – the Kentucky Legislature is in for a treat of Smoked Kentucky Trout Mousse on Cucumber Cups, and Sweet Potato Bourbon Soup with 5-Spice!!

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