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You’re a PEACH!

Biting into a fresh, sweet, juicy peach is one of summer’s greatest pleasures.  But did you know that peaches are also a superstar in the nutrition department?

They’re low in calories, contain only a negligible amount of fat and are loaded with vitamins and minerals.  Also, despite peaches’ sweet flavor, they’re relatively low in sugar compared to many other fruits, and their robust fiber content helps minimize any quick spikes in blood sugar.

Lula’s for Lunch…and More! Catering loves utilizing the peach in the summer – we love to pair it with lavender, and almond, as well as make salsa and chutney, and let’s not forget CHAMPAGNE!!  You’re looking at our Peach-Lavender Parfait and our Homemade Olive Oil Crostini topped with Brie and our Peach-Vidalia Relish.

Disclaimer:  The first two paragraphs are stolen DIRECTLY from the Sam’s Club Newsletter this month!!

A Valentine Meditation

Think about what you LOVE to look at, and close your eyes and picture it. For me, I could spend all day staring at my pug’s amazing face.  His myriad of expressions melt my heart and simultaneously crack me up.

Now, think about what you LOVE to smell, and close your eyes and smell it.  Fresh lavender absolutely fills my senses, makes me stand still in time, and transports me to the middle of nowhere (a GREAT place to be!),  especially lavender from my herb garden, because I have the joy of sharing it.

Think about what you LOVE to taste, close your eyes and taste it.  Stinky, fine brie melts on my tongue and makes my eyes involuntarily roll back in my head with delight.

Hear your most favorite sound, close your eyes, and listen to what you LOVE to hear.  For me, the sound of rain somehow connotes warmth and safety, and I get the added bonus of rain in summer which smells vividly green and absolutely DIVINE!

Now, close your eyes and touch what you most LOVE to feel.  Really soft skin does it for me – nothing comes close, except MAYBE ultra fine plush cotton, or whispery thin silk – which kind of feels like skin…

Now THAT’s meditation LULA style!!  May this VD Meditation bring you BIG feelings of love for the rest of the week!!!Lavendar! '13