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Make your own Herbed Vinegar!

app Baba Lula Ganoush

Wanna be fancy?  Wanna “look” fancy at your next get together?  Pick your vinegar:  Apple Cider, White, Wine, or Rice …let’s stop there and keep it simple.  Add 3 tablespoons fresh herb or mixture of herbs of your choice (mix a couple and make it a “house” vinegar”) for every quart of vinegar.

Don’t use ground herbs or spices because the vinegar will get cloudy.  Store it at room temperature, with a lid on, making sure your herbs are covered in the vinegar.  It will be ready in 24 hours, and after you use some, you can top it off again with the same original vinegar.  Just make sure your herbs stay covered.  If you’d like, you can remove the herbs after a couple of days.  Lula’s for Lunch…and More! Catering uses our Tarragon Vinegar to make pickles that we put in several recipes ( see pic of our Baba Lula Ganoush garnished with them!)

Vinegar is a preservative, but it does have its limits.  The word itself is derived from the French “vin aigre” meaning  “sour wine”.  Don’t use more than around 3 tablespoons of your herb mix per quart because too much foreign “matter” can result in food poisoning.  Happy Creating!

What’s YOUR favorite Basil?

Lula's Caprese Crostini

I tend to “decorate” with herbs…I have such a beautiful garden and it’s so easy to pluck a few varieties both flowering and non flowering.   Since it’s almost basil season I’d love to alert you to  a couple of GORGEOUS varieties of Basil that are purple instead of green!  The Purple Ruffles variety has leaves that look like a 1970’s handkerchief skirt.  The “Red Rubin variety has pink flowers!  Lula’s for Lunch…and More! Catering makes our Caprese Crostini with Genovese Pesto, garnished with Lime Basil, two OTHER varieties!

What ROTS in your Refrigerator?

Lavendar! '13

or…how to NOT waste herbs…

Many of you don’t have the luxury of snipping what you need out of your own herb garden and have to resort to supermarket packages of herbs.  Your recipe might call for a tablespoon of freshly minced basil and then what to do with that pretty full package?  Let me tell you…

Chiffonade it all (it’s not good to “chop” on delicate basil more than once).  If you need help with “chiffonade” email me here .  Keep an extra ice tray on hand for tasks such as this.  Put a teaspoon (or tablespoon or whatever you wish) of your herb into the ice cube pockets, cover them with olive oil, and freeze.  Once they’re hard you can dump them into a freezer bag, label the bag, and have “fresh” herbs for months to come!!  Yay, YOU!  Yay, #lulasforlunch !