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Instant Macaroons

Well…not really.   BUT….I have good news regarding egg whites.  You don’t need to throw them away when you’re separating eggs for the yolks in baking.  FREEZE THEM!  Yes, they thaw perfectly fine and you can then whip up your whites for meringue whenever you want!  YAY!  If you don’t have any on hand right now, please enjoy


this pic of Fleuri’s (one of our faves in Charlottesville VA) Meringue and Puff Swan!


Healthy Eggs Primer – Oxidation

When you cook an egg, be careful – as soon as the yellow and/or white hardens, the cholesterol in the egg oxidizes, which can produce harmful chemicals.  In addition, cooking ANY food too much reduces the nutritional value.  Now, I LOVE deviled eggs (next time you order try my Deconstructed Truffled Deviled Eggs) and I will indulge every so often because they’re so darned yummy, but there IS a method of “hard boiled eggs” that is healthier than the traditional cooking method.  Stay tuned!  –  www.lulasforlunch.com