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Thanksgiving Leftovers Tip

Folks I stumbled upon another brilliant way to get rid of stuffing (IF you have any leftover!!!)  I always have it left over because it’s probably my favorite part of the meal besides gravy, and I make double the amount of stuffing to the amount of anything else I make!!

Fry up some breakfast sausage while you’re nuking your stuffing. If you would prefer, Italian sausage works beautifully as well.  Sometimes Lula’s for Lunch…and More! Catering  puts Italian sausage in our stuffing if I’m in that sort of mood for Thanksgiving.   Lay the sausage on top of the hot stuffing and top it with a fried egg.  Kind of like eggs ‘n toast but richer and BETTER!!!!   This should be accompanied by a steaming hot cup of coffee and a glass of freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.  Just sayin’.   Happy coma, Lula

An Ode to Daddy – HOT Breakfast!

Daddy, I woke up this morning to an incredibly blustery day, the house knocking about, wind whistling as tree branches beat up the windows.  Even snuggled in the bed I could feel the “closeness” and the humidity, and knew that it wasn’t cold outside even though it SOUNDED cold.  I knew when I opened the front door warm, moist air would accost me, and it did.

They say we have a lot of memory stored in our noses, and I’m a firm believer in that.  The sounds and smells of this morning brought me right back to late elementary school – 5th grade to be exact – and a rubber 2 sided raincoat with a hood…one side bright yellow, and the other a navy blue.  I remember being jealous of the other kids whose parents bought them “duck shoes”, but I loved my coat and was proud of it.

Then all of a sudden my memory switched to breakfast every school day made by either you or mom –depending on which shift you had worked the day before.  I started remembering the array of breakfasts you guys cooked to both satisfy your time constraints or keep from being bored…oatmeal (YUCK!) topped with put up homemade jams & jellys that we could stir in to make it sweet…scrambled eggs with diced onions & peppers (always with rye bread I seem to remember!), a fried egg with bacon and toast, Cheesetoast with half a grapefruit or orange (ALWAYS white bread and sharp cheddar), or the Frank Special: burnt, raw pancakes (yes, both can be accomplished at the same time).  I never wanted to hurt your feelings but I knew if I tried to eat them I would throw up, so I complained.  You were mad, but you took them back and threw them back in the frying pan.  To this day I love my pancakes crispy dark on the outside with just butter, no syrup, just like I did in elementary school.  Thank you both for giving us hot breakfasts every school day (and it has been proven since that this makes smarter kids), while everyone else I knew prepared their own cereal!  xoxoxoxoxoxo  What’s YOUR elementary school breakfast memory?  Post it here:  http://lulasforlunch.com/blog