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An Asparagus Primer

Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Roast Beef w/Homemade Wasabi Creme

Spring has sprung and with it so has the asparagus!  Did you know asparagus is related to the lily?  You can get green, purple, and white asparagus for a lovely bouquet.  Don’t shave purple asparagus either – the fabulous color is only skin deep.  Purple asparagus contains about 20% more sugar than the other two, and less fiber, so it’s sweeter and more tender.

Store ALL of your asparagus upright (cut stalk down) in a little bit of water in the fridge – it’ll last much longer!  The next time you visit Lula’s website, or Lula’s Facebook Page, order our  refreshing Chilled Creamy Asparagus Soup,  our lovely Asparagus and Goat Cheese Tart (or tartlettes if you’re having an appetizer party!) or our FABULOUS Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Roast Beef with our Homemade Wasabi Crème!

Seasonal Asparagus

It’s high season for Asparagus.  When you run across it for $.89-.99 per pound, SNAP IT UP even if you can’t use it for up to a week!  Take the rubberbands off, rinse it, and run a little cold water in a tall glass or container, shove it in the container cut side down and throw it (not literally, you’ll have alot of water to clean up)in the fridge, and voila! you have asparagus at the ready for appx the next week.   Check out a pic of our Roast Beef Wrapped Roasted Asparagus with Homemade Wasabi Creme at www.lulasforlunch.com . Here’s to yummy in season veggies!  – Lula