Garlic 101

Ahhh, Garlic.  Very few spices are as necessary for most cuisines as garlic. 3 types: Softneck (the most common heads in grocery stores), Elephant (much milder – I don’t use it – rather use a shallot, and it’s in the leek family), and hardneck, which you won’t f ind but at farmer’s markets in the summer.  Hardneck doesn’t store as well and is easily damaged.  The finer you mince garlic the stronger it is.  More about why in the next installment of Garlic… 102!  Lula


…is a most under-used herb!  Delicious and delicate, it imparts a slightly anise-y flavor without being reminiscent of licorice. For you container gardeners out there, it is very easy to grow, and adds a freshness to summer salads, as well as a mysterious “what IS that flavor?” note to meats such as chicken, veal and pork!

In Lula's Kitchen, Love is ALWAYS our First Ingredient!