It’s a Road Trip!

Folks, Lula is going on vacation.  Due to my really bad luck with all things technological, you’ll probably not hear from me while we are in Virginia visiting caves, natural wonders, Historic sites, beaches, wineries, and of course, restaurants, and oh!  Polyface Farms!!  Our trip will culminate with The Greenbrier for my Birthday.  If you don’t hear from me until we return, I promise some wonderful reviews of our escapades and good information on a trip east to my family “home” in Virginia!  You can still place orders for delivery from 9/28.  Whoo HOOOOOO….she crab soup here we come!!!

Southern Pork

If you’re going for a mustard (South Carolina) or a vinegar (North Carolina) BBQ flavor profile for your pulled pork, one of the essential sides is coleslaw, and hot sauce (Texas Pete is a big one down south, but use your favorite!).  Thank you to a friend who put this together and made it easier after all these years of topping my sandwich with coleslaw and then shaking on the hot sauce…try mixing in a tablespoon of your favorite hot sauce WITH your coleslaw for a WONDERFUL spicy kick and an EASY pulled pork sandwich topping!  Questions about hot sauce? Pulled Pork?  Cole Slaw?  Lula answers them at !!

Garlic 202

Raw garlic is strongest.  The more you cook garlic the milder it gets.  Never brown or burn garlic – it’s useless and must be thrown away.  It will make your food taste nasty!  Always add garlic to flavor bases (like sauteed onions) at the end, and stir through only for a minute or less before adding your liquid.  At 150 degrees, garlic’s enzymes are destroyed and no longer produce flavor.  For this reason, sometimes it’s best to use garlic POWDER in a rub rather than fresh garlic – it doesn’t burn in the oven or on the grill.  For any questions regarding garlic, one of my favorite things, contact me at   –Lula

Garlic 201

Don’t mess with fancy tools to skin or cut garlic.  You need only a big knife (chef’s – because of the wide blade).  Lay the garlic flat side down on a cutting board and place the flat side of the blade on top of the clove.  Holding the handle with one hand, smack the blade with the heel of your other hand right where the clove is laying.  If you want to SLICE your garlic (milder flavor), then smack it lightly to “pop” the peel loose.  If you want to mince your garlic (yea, garlic lovers!), SMASH with more force with the heel of your hand, and most of your mincing will have been done for you!  In both cases, once you smack or smash, the skin will easily come off with a gentle pull at the narrow end.  –Lula

Cedar Point Park Food – a review!

If you’re going, Lula says stay away from nachos…fake runny “cheesefood”.  DO get a corndog – batter dipped fresh before your eyes!  Yum!  Pretzels are OK – more like a freshely baked roll consistency than a true pretzel, though.  You are able to order 4 or 5 condiments AT A PRICE – a ridiculous price, but hey, we are a captive audience aren’t we?!?  The “Garlic Parmesan Fries” are simply fresh cut fries doused (and I mean DOUSED) with Italian dressing.  Yuck.  Mango fruit smoothie ROCKS!  –Lula

Garlic 101

Ahhh, Garlic.  Very few spices are as necessary for most cuisines as garlic. 3 types: Softneck (the most common heads in grocery stores), Elephant (much milder – I don’t use it – rather use a shallot, and it’s in the leek family), and hardneck, which you won’t f ind but at farmer’s markets in the summer.  Hardneck doesn’t store as well and is easily damaged.  The finer you mince garlic the stronger it is.  More about why in the next installment of Garlic… 102!  Lula

In Lula's Kitchen, Love is ALWAYS our First Ingredient!