An Ode to Daddy – HOT Breakfast!

Daddy, I woke up this morning to an incredibly blustery day, the house knocking about, wind whistling as tree branches beat up the windows.  Even snuggled in the bed I could feel the “closeness” and the humidity, and knew that it wasn’t cold outside even though it SOUNDED cold.  I knew when I opened the front door warm, moist air would accost me, and it did.

They say we have a lot of memory stored in our noses, and I’m a firm believer in that.  The sounds and smells of this morning brought me right back to late elementary school – 5th grade to be exact – and a rubber 2 sided raincoat with a hood…one side bright yellow, and the other a navy blue.  I remember being jealous of the other kids whose parents bought them “duck shoes”, but I loved my coat and was proud of it.

Then all of a sudden my memory switched to breakfast every school day made by either you or mom –depending on which shift you had worked the day before.  I started remembering the array of breakfasts you guys cooked to both satisfy your time constraints or keep from being bored…oatmeal (YUCK!) topped with put up homemade jams & jellys that we could stir in to make it sweet…scrambled eggs with diced onions & peppers (always with rye bread I seem to remember!), a fried egg with bacon and toast, Cheesetoast with half a grapefruit or orange (ALWAYS white bread and sharp cheddar), or the Frank Special: burnt, raw pancakes (yes, both can be accomplished at the same time).  I never wanted to hurt your feelings but I knew if I tried to eat them I would throw up, so I complained.  You were mad, but you took them back and threw them back in the frying pan.  To this day I love my pancakes crispy dark on the outside with just butter, no syrup, just like I did in elementary school.  Thank you both for giving us hot breakfasts every school day (and it has been proven since that this makes smarter kids), while everyone else I knew prepared their own cereal!  xoxoxoxoxoxo  What’s YOUR elementary school breakfast memory?  Post it here:

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