It IS Easy Being Green with our St. Patty’s Day Menu !

I’m shaking it up a bit and not offering my Soda Bread or Rhubarb Pie (both extremely Irish) for St. Patty’s Day, and since my Guiness Stew can be had any time of year there’s no point to that either.  I’m having some fun with the color green this year. What you’re looking at is Lula’s South American Avocado Soup – so velvety and yummy with a hint of spice that’ll tickle the back of your throat.  Our Cream of Asparagus is a great fit too as it’s Asparagus season! This soup is delicate and elegant. Quiche is GREEN EGGS AND HAM!  No truly green eggs; just lots of green veggies.  Let’s just say “through the garden” minus the green pepper.  There is SO. MUCH. MORE. Click our take-out/delivery St. Patty’s Day menu and find your favorite green food, from our fabulous Curried Chicken Salad to Spinach Pie.  Oh!  If you love New Orleans flavors, I’ve included my Creole Chicken & Broccoli with Penne – divine!   The ONE item I’m offering that’s slightly Irish definitely has my own spin on it: Stuffed Green Peppers with Colcannon and our Homemade Irish Garlic Sausage! I make my Colcannon with Kale ’cause I love it so.   Floyd is even getting in on the St. Patty’s Day fun – check out his photo below!

Did you KNOW that Corned Beef isn’t even an Irish tradition?  It is Irish American though – when the Irish came here they sourced Corned Beef as a substitute for salt pork.  Our closest relative, bacon, was too expensive for the immigrant’s pocketbook so they settled on Corned Beef as a similarly salty substitute.

The birds ARE nesting and the warmth of the sun has kissed my skin.   I am wishing for all that with the passage of each day, we feel safer and more love than ever before!

A Note From Chef Lori ; 859-360-0251

His Royal Hinee The Crown Prince Floyd Wong is IRISH FOR A DAY!  He even eats green VEGGIES.  You can see what my sous chef Floyd helped create here.  Love…it’s What’s For DINNER!

It turns out a Lula’s Gift Certificate for Family Meal Delivery OR Catering at a later date to be mailed or emailed in any denomination you want has been popular so I’m going to continue to offer these whenever you want to treat a family member or friend, or send a thank you to a customer!  Email or call and we’ll take care of it – right down to mailing.  Click here to visit our website!

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