A Cold, Snowy Winter Menu For You!

I LOVE SNOW!  I love the cold, the type of cold that snow brings.  It’s just different.  It feels good on my skin, the air smells different and fills my lungs BETTER!   But I understand that most of you find it, though beautiful, an inconvenience, and messy and time consuming and, well… WET.  So I’m going to make you feel beter.  Behold our fantastically beautiful and delicious Roasted Tomato Basil Bisque!  Our tomatoes put up at the peak of the season, garlic, basil and heavy cream make this chunky, yet velvety soup a favorite.  This is definitely the weather for it, along with our hearty Hanky Panky Stew seen below (scroll down please!)  You can order it as originally created with Israeli Couscous, or order it gluten free, made with rice.  Either way, the caraway, spice, and cheeses combine to delightfully remind you of a Hanky Panky snack!  Beef Stroganoff is back, and I’ve added another protein salad – my favorite – Cajun Salmon Caesar. 

It’s been a crazy week – please bear with me as I attempt to get my computer out of the hospital.  Invoices and correspondence will not look the same until I get my “world” back.  This does not affect your world though – you can still take care of yourself and let me do the cooking by ordering here.

Soon, SOOOooooon we’ll hear the birds nesting and feel warmth on our skin.  I’m anxiously awaiting my vaccine (Gordon received his 2nd on Monday and just like the first time it knocked him down the day after FYI, though everyone is different – this is HIS experience and I thought I’d share it) and I am wishing for all that with the passage of each day, we feel safer and more love than ever before!

A Note From Chef Lori  lori@Lulasforlunch.com ; 859-360-0251

This Hanky Panky Stew is hearty enough to make a whole meal… Order it before it’s gone!

It turns out a Lula’s Gift Certificate for Family Meal Delivery OR Catering at a later date to be mailed or emailed in any denomination you want has been popular so I’m going to continue to offer these whenever you want to treat a family member or friend, or send a thank you to a customer!  Email or call and we’ll take care of it – right down to mailing.  Click here to visit our website!

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