The Vampire Diaries – or, GARLIC 101 Redux

Science is bearing out lots of ancient folklore regarding the medicinal uses of garlic. Ancient Egypt recorded exactly 22 medicinal uses for garlic – from healing open wounds to extending one’s life if eaten religiously. The more “intact” you can keep the garlic (fresh cloves vs. powdered, for instance) the better the benefit.

We use lots of garlic at Lula’s for Lunch…and More! Catering – sometimes overtly, and sometimes it’s in our ‘secret” sauces as a “secret” ingredient. You’re always eating healthy with Lula’s. Here are some things that garlic has been proven to help with: Garlic kills bacteria, and can lower the risk of stomach cancer. Garlic slows the growth of many cancers. Garlic lowers blood cholesterol, and helps prevent heart disease. Let us know YOUR garlic experiences at – we look forward to your input!

Those Crazy Gourds

It’s butternut squash season… a few hints and tips:  Choose one that’s “dusty” looking – shiny means it was picked too soon.  DID YOU KNOW…uncut squash can last up to 3 months at room temperature?!?!?  This is, obviously uncut and skin on.  So if you like it, stock up!  You can be eating squash in February/March when it’s all gone from the store!!  Butternut squash lends itself to both sweet and savory preparations.  One of my favorites (surprise) is soup – with sage. Lula wishes you heady gourdy delight!

Japanese Etiquette – or, Watch How You Eat Your Sushi!

app sushi w.ginger

Just kidding – eat it any way you like – but you might be interested to know that pickled ginger on the plate is not supposed to be a condiment.  While wasabi paste is supposed to be enjoyed WITH the sushi, the pickled ginger is meant as a palate cleanser AFTER you swallow!  Just sayin’…  At Lula’s for Lunch…and More! we like our ginger mild, so I pretty much scarf it down with all things sushi/sashimi!

Lettuce Feeds the Soul !?!


Have you ever had a perfect moment?  Let me define…a perfect moment is not really just a moment (what is a moment anyway?  Is it a minute?  Could it be a second, as in “we had a ‘moment’ when we looked at each other” …for me, a moment is a singular experience.  A “perfect moment” is a perfect singular experience when peace and pleasure wrap you in a warm blanket and time stands still.  I’ve only had a few in my life – of course, probably until 20 years ago I wasn’t able to even be still enough to recognize a perfect moment, hence, there WAS no perfect moment!!

Oddly, my perfect moments are not usually associated with food except one at Bouchon in Santa Barbara where I cried into my rose (pronounced rosAY as I do not know how to work the funny character buttons) over the silky fennel gazpacho, but the other week, when I was working with produce from a client’s farm, I swear I had a spiritual experience handling of all things, lettuce. I was so wrapped up in the perfection of the lettuces, the vibrancy and life in the lettuces.  I caressed the lettuce.  I smelled the lettuce.  I worshiped the lettuce.  The lettuce was silk, and it was perfume, and it was alive.  It smelled of earth, rain, sunshine, and green.  I have never observed, hand to eye, such pristine, beautiful examples of the complexity, and simultaneous simplicity of nature.  I lost time.  Nothing could stultify this mesmerization – not the mundane tasks of washing the lettuce nor tearing the lettuce (tenderly).  I had 7 different varieties in front of me and was moved to make a bouquet and photograph it.  Of course in this world of IT and social media I had to “share” my perfect moment – and I’m re-sharing it now with you, along with the end result – a beet salad with roasted beets from their farm as well.  It is lightly coated with this fall’s newest member of our “dressing family” – Sorghum, Cider & Sassafras Vinaigrette.    Worship the lettuce, indeed.  It is, in fact, God.

No WAY the Holidays are Almost Here!!

Beet Salad with Sorghum Cider Sassafras VinaigretteWe book up FAST for November and December so book your soiree early!!  We are so excited to celebrate with you this season.  We have lots of yummy new flavors to weave into your traditional menus to make new tasty memories!