A Brief History of Sugar

Did you know that Christopher Columbus is responsible for sugar in the Americas?  His mother in law owned a sugar plantation in Madiera, Spain.  Before he was the great “discoverer” he ferried sugar to the European mainland from his mother in law’s plantation!   India had sugar around 3,000 years ago, but the rest of our ancestors used honey until about 800AD when it found its way to southern Europe and North Africa.  The least caloric of all sugar is still a kiss!!

Who Makes YOU Shine?!?

Dessert Petite Pochotte Cherry Hearts

It’s been a while since I’ve “lightened up” – I want to tell you about my amazing crew and how rich I am to know them and work with them!  While it might take you YEARS to meet any one of them (since I’m such a control freak and do all of my business in person and most of it by myself!), I thought you should be aware that I do have a staff of highly competent people that I can call on when you need them for a hi-falutin’ event:

Donna Pellman has been a cheerleader for the Lori team since about 1990. Her breadth and depth of knowledge in the food service field is unmatched, and her friendship is highly valued.  Whether it’s pounding the pavement, managing national accounts, testing oil for purity or standing on her feet for 16 hours straight, Donna’s smile never fades.  She is methodical and patient and creative and calm, and I can let her loose when I have to (so HARD for Lula!)

Vicki Barrett has been a professional bartender her entire adult life.  There’s NO drink she can’t make, but don’t ask her to wield a chef’s knife!  She can set up a full bar in 10 seconds flat.  Vicki is passionate about the health and welfare of animals.   If you have a conversation of any depth with Vicki, you are likely to become a part of her “dude” club…

Inna Bernadsky hails from the COUNTRY of Georgia, but let me tell you she is a peach.  Inna is shy, but if you insist, she will speak to you with her delightful accent!  She has a marvelous sense of humor and a work ethic that tires me out – and that’s saying something! Just do not ask her to be still.  Inna becomes more beautiful with each smile.  You’ll see it if you ask her about her children.

Jeanne Stanton is my bleeding heart liberal (I know I call myself a bleeding heart liberal but next to Jeanne, not so much).  She will save the world.  Jeanne has been in food service for decades, and is an accomplished bartender as well.    She and her family raise chickens and rabbits and compost/recycle everything not nailed down.  Jeanne has been known (WITNESS!!) to dig through garbage cans at the end of an event to “correct” misplaced recyclables.  She has delivered meals to the needy and participates in many other worthwhile charitable causes.

My life is so much richer for knowing these amazing women, and I want to give them a SHOUT OUT for making Lula’s shine!  Oh…and in case you’re wondering, the pic is of Lula’s abfab Sour Cherry Pate Sucree!


Ellevate’s 6th Annual Amateur Chocolate Competition!

Mark your calendars for Ellevate’s 6th Annual Amateur Chocolate Bakeoff September 22,2016 at New Riff Event Center.  You won’t want to miss all of the delectables, fun, and of course, YOURS TRULY – all for a GREAT CAUSE supporting women in need – this year’s recipient is Tender Mercies.    REGISTER here: