What ROTS in your Refrigerator?

Lavendar! '13

or…how to NOT waste herbs…

Many of you don’t have the luxury of snipping what you need out of your own herb garden and have to resort to supermarket packages of herbs.  Your recipe might call for a tablespoon of freshly minced basil and then what to do with that pretty full package?  Let me tell you…

Chiffonade it all (it’s not good to “chop” on delicate basil more than once).  If you need help with “chiffonade” email me here .  Keep an extra ice tray on hand for tasks such as this.  Put a teaspoon (or tablespoon or whatever you wish) of your herb into the ice cube pockets, cover them with olive oil, and freeze.  Once they’re hard you can dump them into a freezer bag, label the bag, and have “fresh” herbs for months to come!!  Yay, YOU!  Yay, #lulasforlunch !

Cilantro – Do you Love it or Hate it?

Cilantro is not only the most widely used herb in the world, its flavor and aroma provoke the strongest palate and olfactory opinions amongst all spices and herbs.

Cilantro is actually the leafy part of the Coriander plant, the seeds of which, called Coriander, are sweet and lemony in scent, all at the same time. Try Lula’s for Lunch…and More! Catering ‘s Coriander Shrimp and Asparagus Salad sometime – it’s lovely! So, what’s your take on Cilantro? Answer this question: Do you LOVE it or HATE it?!?

Lula’s June Newsletter – SPREAD THE LOVE! Breakfast? OR….An Apology?

Breakfast Bacon and Eggs w.toast


Breakfast?  OR….An Apology?

May was a hard month in many respects.  My husband and I hit a rough patch – possibly the roughest ever.   The stress of my two businesses and his master’s classes, along with my occasional menopausal homicidal urges, got the best of us.  It’s ok, he’s still alive, and we’ll make it through.  Everyone argues occasionally, but this time I was determined not to be the one to say “I’m sorry we argued – let’s talk”. 

It’s funny – a week barely speaking, but food still is a common denominator.  Not a word amongst us for a couple of days but then, I could hardly make a salmon dinner salad and not offer to make him one.  He accepted.  I don’t know whether it tasted good to him or not, but the bowl was empty.  Then, a couple of days later there was leftover Quinoa & Forbidden Rice Salad with Spinach, Scallions and Bacon.  Throw it away or offer it to him for dinner while I was away on one of my long nights of cooking and service?  Taking for granted that he knew what to do with it, as he’d eaten if before…I left no instructions.  I came home to a half-eaten casserole dish with dried out, oven cooked SALAD sitting on the stove.  He said it was good.

I went to bed.  I woke up at 10:30 AM to a cup of coffee at my bedside and languished for another hour…I just couldn’t make it out of bed.  It’s been a really rough 4 weeks, and I’m sure the depression of not laughing and sharing with my best friend didn’t help with my exhaustion level.  I smelled bacon.  I mildly wondered – will there be any for me?  Really too tired to care…I dozed…and the door opened, and the words were spoken – “Here.  You don’t have to take it if you don’t want to.”  I took the plate. He replaced my empty coffee cup with 8 ounces of cold, hormone and anti-biotic free organic 1% milk.  8 ounces because any more and I get heartburn these days. I’ve always liked 16 but he knows I can only drink 8.   He walked out.

I took a bite of one of the 3 pieces of bacon (I always ask for 2 because that’s my idea of dieting – 2 instead of 3, but I got 3 this time).  It was perfectly crisp just the way I love it – he likes his soft – but this bacon was cooked for me.  I cut into the just right over easy egg on top of the homemade toasted bread – the white sturdy but tender, the yolk punctured and oozing its richness into the crevices of the buttered spelt bread perfectly toasted just the way I like it – not underdone, toasty brown…and I seasoned the meal with 3 salty tears: one was stupid pride, one was overwhelming gratitude, and one was deep regret.

2015 Angies List

Spring has SPRUNG!

Graduations, Wedding Showers, Baby Showers, and Giving Back.  Spring has been LOADED with goodness and fun.  We are proud to support IHNS, WCET, and WVXU this season, as well as Tender Mercies.  And mark your calendars for Ellevate’s 6th Annual Amateur Chocolate Bakeoff September 22,2016.  You won’t want to miss all of the delectables, fun, and of course, YOURS TRULY – all for a GREAT CAUSE supporting women in need!