The Grocery Guide…Misleading Labels Chapter 6 “Natural”

Beware the verbiage “natural” on labels other than on meat, eggs or poultry – these are the only categories that the USDA monitors.  To be able to use the term natural, processors must insure that the product contain no added color or artificial ingredients, and can be processed only minimally, but can still contain additives for enhanced flavor,such as broth.  For any other food product out there – anyone can put “natural” on the label and it doesn’t have to mean a thing – the term natural is not a regulated term at all!  So…remember – bacon fried in butter is “natural” – but it still isn’t good for you!!!  At Lula’s for Lunch…and More! Catering we can always tell you every ingredient in every bite.  So if you have a concern – ask!

My Perfect Bubble – Happy Anniversary Percy!


I am anticipating my 2nd Wedding Anniversary.  Still new, I know.  But it feels like we have been together forever (not in the boring way, but in the always has been, always will be, can’t remember it differently way).  We are a pair.  A team.  We think in tandem.  We frequently know what the other is thinking or planning when we’re apart, and act accordingly.  We are Penny Panic and Percy Purvis (joke to remain private).

We decided without any effort that we would prefer to stay at home for our celebration.  Between the two of us, there can be no better meal.  There was no discussion – it’s obvious it will be a fine prime steak, a fluffy baked potato, some roasted summer vegetables, and a chewy sourdough bread, broiled to perfection with some herbed butter from the garden.  Probably fresh berries and ice cream for dessert.  Simple bliss for us.

For a perfect hour or two, the universe will stand still for us.  We will be encased in a sort of universal amniotic sac – warm, timeless, comfort with a singularity of purpose to just be.  We already know the wine we will drink – we have been saving it for a special occasion.  When I tasted it the first time my eyes became liquid with the joy of what my senses were perceiving.  Have you ever had the perfect moment when time stands still?  I can think of only 4 or 5 in my whole life, and 3 of them involve food!  When everything aligns and your senses are so full of beauty you are paralyzed in the middle of overwhelming joy.  Anniversary or not, Lula wishes for you these perfect moments at least a few times in your life!