Over the River and Through the Woods…Literally!


It’s home for the holidays… we’ll be mega-traveling to hit as much family as possible this Christmas season – North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, back to North Carolina, then home.  Daddy’s making a pork loin, so I’m bringing white and corn bread dressing w/italian sausage and herbs, made with seasoned leftover jus from a pork loin not made in the too distant past…everytime I make shoulder (and it’s alot), I siphon off the jus, degrease it and freeze it, for stock (white bean chicken chili, bean/ham soup, etc) – so there’s ALWAYS flavorful broth in the freezer.  Also, we’ll be indulging in decadent Brandied Pumpkin Bisque as our first course.  And EVERYONE expects my “Nuts ‘n Bolts” – a decades old original recipe for what everyone now calls “Chex Mix” – but it contains NO seasoning salt – instead a proprietary blend of spices and herbs and REAL butter sauce w/worchestershire… SO YUMMY!  The cake you see was made for a client – someone else is in charge of the family dessert this year!!  Happy Merry, Lula  www.lulasforlunch.com


“Did You Save Room for Dessert?”

Waiters must stop saying “Did you save room for dessert?” – This is America. We don’t save room for dessert, we make room for dessert. Dessert isn’t a delightful way to cap off a meal, it’s a challenge. In Russia they swim in subzero temperatures, in Spain they run with the bulls, and here we eat forty pounds of goo from a place called The Cheesecake Factory. – Bill Maher