Healthy Eggs Primer – Free Range

Here’s a good reason to eat free range eggs…caged hens’ eggs frequently contain salmonella.  You can cook the salmonella out, but then you’re lowering the nutritional quality of the egg.  If you want the most bang for your nutritional buck, cook a free range egg as little as possible (poached, or over easy, or soft boiled) vs. the more cooked versions (fried over medium or hard, scrambled ((unless really soft and cooked slowly)), or hard boiled). – Lula 

Game Meat

Did you know that game (venison, boar, etc) are healthier for you than other kinds of meat?  They are much higher in good Omega 3’s and lower in bad Omega 6’s.  In addition, you can eat them with a clear conscience (IF you’re an omnivore, that is!)  knowing for sure they lived well and naturally.  The next time you have an opportunity, open your mind (and mouth) and give them a try. – Lula