The Flu and Chicken Soup

I just got wind that a particular strain of the flu virus is hitting our area pretty hard.and it makes me think – “what makes me feel better when I’m sick?”  …you know where I’m going with this but let me tell you why…

What is Chicken Noodle Soup?  Mostly WATER!!!  This is what our body needs to flush out the virus as fast as possible.  So, in addition to drinking as much (diluted,please) juice as possible and taking as much Vitamin C as possible, HOPEFULLY, you have some chicken noodle soup in your freezer.  If not, contact me – I’ll make some for you.  If you DO have the soup handy (hopefully made with low sodium broth, or better yet, homemade!) … here are a couple of things you can do to make it even healthier to get you well more quickly:

Triple the amount of garlic (garlic is REALLY good for you!), and if the recipe doesn’t have garlic, well, just throw the recipe out and start over…no, really, at LEAST 6 cloves for 1/2 gallon of soup (I use 10).  Use whole grain noodles – you can find them in the “wide egg noodle” variety now.  This ups your nutritional insake substantially and keeps you feeling full longer.   You probably don’t really feel like eating but hot soup going down will change your mind.   Also, add a bunch (literally) of chopped leafy greens…my preference is mustard or collard…but if you have fresh spinach laying around that’s really good too.  The mustard, collard, or kale variety add substantially more nutrition than spinach.    Make these changes to your standard onion/celery/carrot mixture and you’re packing a much healthier punch. – Lula

Brown Stock Primer #2

Why are veal bones the desired bones to use to prepare stock?  BECAUSE….drum roll please…. the bones of younger animals contain more cartilage and collagen, which makes a much richer, more velvety mouthfeel when the stock is finished.  This stock also makes a foolproof “aspic”, once clarified,  though most people don’t even know what that is anymore…   If you missed “Brown Stock Primer #1, it’s on file right here at ‘the blog”…  Now, wish me luck as I go feed 800 at the Franklin Convention Center – the Kentucky Legislature is in for a treat of Smoked Kentucky Trout Mousse on Cucumber Cups, and Sweet Potato Bourbon Soup with 5-Spice!!

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Brown Stock Primer #1

FINALLY I’m getting around to answering a question posed to me a few months ago (cooking keeps me busy you know!) … What is the difference between Stock and Broth, or are they the same thing?  NO…they are not.  Though in modern cuisine the words are used interchangeably, classical cooking method teaches us that stock is prepared from bones (along with each chef’s mysterious secret ingredients), and broth is prepared from meat and veggies, and anything else you want to throw in.

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