I love that I’m always learning something new…I just had the best meatball I’ve ever had, and I’d like to share!  I’ve always made my meatballs with beef, pork and veal when so inclined to pursue this labor of love…but I just had a meatball with only pork and veal and I must say the texture and flavor were beyond compare!  The centuries old Stone House Inn in Farmington, PA has Italian roots and obviously they’ve kept the recipe the same.  The dish has inspired me to invent an Italian Meatloaf Sandwich and entree.  Be on the lookout!! – Till my next tasty traveling bite, – Lula

Fall Menu Additions

Fondue is HOT this season…and Lula has several to choose from!  How about Satay Fondue with Pan Roasted Chicken, Sweet Bell Pepper and Herbed Pita Skewers, or Greek Fondue with a blend of tangy cheeses and Greek herbs and spices, or traditional Swiss Fondue, served with French bread cubes and apple slices, OR… a client favorite (go figure, Cincinnati!) Cheddar/Ale Fondue, served with homemade German Salt Rye bread and beer poached sausages!!!  For more appetizer options for your fall/holiday party, go to  and drool!!!!! – Lula