Thought for the day…

“If at first an idea doesn’t seem totally absurd to you then there’s no hope for it” – Albert Einstein

Another way, I guess, of telling us to “think outside the box”!!  In Lula’s kitchen, we’re always thinking outside the box (literally – no boxes here!!, AND figuratively) – who’da THUNK Trout, Wasabi and Champagne could come together DREAMILY… , or Chocolate, Beer, and Curry would make a fabulous dessert!!!!!  Both, tested true winners for Lula.

A contest:  Go to , pick out any menu item that has a unique flavor profile to YOU, and submit the menu item back to Lula via email.   All submissions go into a hat and someone will be pulled back out a winner – with the ingredient combo published and an explanation of WHY the flavors work, and the winner will receive 20% off their next catering of $150.00 or more!!

Cooking Beans

If you’re cooking any type of bean from dried, always add salt at the end of cooking (after you test your beans for doneness).  Salt added to the liquid at the beginning tends to toughen bean skin, and make it less permeable, so the beans cook unevenly, take longer, and the “bite” is tougher.  Test your beans by eating at least 5 of them separately.  If 4 are tender and 1 is not, the pot is not done!  Once 4 are done, an additional cooking time of 10 minutes should in most cases take care of the pot.  We serve our own 5 Bean Bake (smoky, sweet, and spicy!)  with any entree you choose, but they go particularly well with our Southern Short Ribs or Pulled Pork.  Check out all of our entrees !