Holiday Cranberry Tip

Don’t let cranberry sauce/relish scare you!  It takes 10 minutes to be a “homemade gourmet” instead of popping open a can.  Buy one large bag fresh cranberries, dump them into a gallon pot, add 1 cup of sugar, and stir over medium low heat until they start to release juices and melt the sugar.  Cover the pot and reduce to low and let them go for 5 minutes.  Stir, and continue cooking without lid til reduced and thick. Serve either warm or cold!  DONE!!!!  If you want to go really crazy, dice an apple and throw it in and call it “Cranberry Apple Relish” – no need to peel; let’s not throw away the fiber!  -Lula

High Praise Indeed!!!

One of the highest compliments I can receive is when a client says a taste of something brought back a pleasant memory – not to mention that when Lula says it’s authentic, it’s authentic!!!

“The bread brought back some early childhood memories.  It reminded me of when we lived in Germany back in the late 80’s.  We lived off the base in a local German town.  The local food was tremendous.  Several of them always served us lard with rye bread.  As soon as I took a biet of yours, I went back 30 years instantly to when I was 7 or 8 years old.  Thank you for that.”


‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving!

Worn out, busy with the stuffing?  Let Lula’s provide your Night Before Thanksgiving Feast for only $12.00 per person:  Your choice of Lasagna Bolognese or Penne Pumpkin Pasta w/Italian Sausage,  House Caesar Salad with Lula’s FA BULOUS homemade Caesar Dressing, Homemade Garlic/Herb Focaccia, and Chocolate-Pumpkin Cake!  Last day to order is Monday, November November 22 by  5PM!