It’s a Road Trip!

Folks, Lula is going on vacation.  Due to my really bad luck with all things technological, you’ll probably not hear from me while we are in Virginia visiting caves, natural wonders, Historic sites, beaches, wineries, and of course, restaurants, and oh!  Polyface Farms!!  Our trip will culminate with The Greenbrier for my Birthday.  If you don’t hear from me until we return, I promise some wonderful reviews of our escapades and good information on a trip east to my family “home” in Virginia!  You can still place orders for delivery from 9/28.  Whoo HOOOOOO….she crab soup here we come!!!

Southern Pork

If you’re going for a mustard (South Carolina) or a vinegar (North Carolina) BBQ flavor profile for your pulled pork, one of the essential sides is coleslaw, and hot sauce (Texas Pete is a big one down south, but use your favorite!).  Thank you to a friend who put this together and made it easier after all these years of topping my sandwich with coleslaw and then shaking on the hot sauce…try mixing in a tablespoon of your favorite hot sauce WITH your coleslaw for a WONDERFUL spicy kick and an EASY pulled pork sandwich topping!  Questions about hot sauce? Pulled Pork?  Cole Slaw?  Lula answers them at !!