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Stage 4 Cancer Survivor Heidi Bright Gives us a Healthy Valentine’s Day Sweet!

How to Make a Delicious,
Cancer-Fighting Valentine’s Treat

Valentine’s Day gives rise the urge to eat sugary treats. Unfortunately, processed sugar causes inflammation, which is not good for those dealing with cancer.

Here’s a satisfying way around the sugar shackles that I enjoy. It’s naturally sweet, creamy, quick, easy, nutritious, and even color-coordinated.

And best of all, it can help fight cancer.

All it takes is a high-speed blender with a pusher, some frozen red berries, and a banana.

I consider my high-speed blender a vital part of my anti-cancer lifestyle. I use mine daily for green smoothies, and sometimes I’ll use it three times in one day. I am fortunate that my brother Walter gave me a Vitamix after my diagnosis. I believe using it provides my body with access to fresh, vital nutrients I might not get any other way.

Red berries are nutritional powerhouses. They boost the immune system and provide cell-protecting antioxidants. Raspberries and strawberries contain especially high amounts of ellagic acid, a phytochemical that interferes with cancer development. [1]

Bananas contain vitamin B6 (good for dealing with neuropathy), fiber, potassium (especially important during chemo, I found), magnesium, vitamin C, and manganese.[2]

Cut your peeled banana in half and stick both halves in the bottom of your blender.

Measure out 2 cups of frozen berries and pour them on top.

Turn on your blender and use your pusher to get the fruit to mix.

Viola! A delicious, sweet, creamy, frozen dessert for Valentine’s Day.




[1] Thriver Soup, pg.  117

Let’s Ramp it Up!

 Lula will be foraging in the Red River Gorge this weekend for these lovely delicacies…a bit early but hey!  we’ve got Global Warming!!  Ramps are also called Wild Leek, Wild Garlic, and/or Ramson, and are a member of the onion family that sprouts in early spring in woodlands all over the world.  Bulbs AND leaves can be used raw or cooked.  To me, they are reminiscent of a blend of chive and garlic.  Yummy!!  So…you’ll be finding them all over fun menus where creative chefs dwell – and you won’t need to ask “what’s this?!?” – Lula has already educated you!!  For more fun tips like this one, subscribe to my blog here .

A “Taste” of Cincinnati

Drink Fleuri Palm Court
I highly recommend visiting Cincinnati like a tourist and puttering about for an afternoon.  The elegant, if somewhat unhappy, Cincinnatian was our host due to a Hotwire “surprise” booking. Batsakes bowler browsing and fedora fondling delighted my husband Gordon.   Updating my 10 year old mental catalogue of what I want at Tiffany’s while they watched us like hawks (alas, I am not a regular there), and a visit to Carew Tower’s Observation deck (a visual reminder of our city’s fabulous architecture) completed a WONDERFUL afternoon with my husband while our foyer floor was supposedly being refinished.  An all too typical contractor’s disappearance and a non-refundable room FORCED us to stand still for just one day.  THEN…Orchid’s filled my stomach, heart and soul where the Maisonette hole was residing…sometimes it’s just best to do the classics!  This DELICIOUS drink is the Fleuri from the bartenders at The Palm Court Bar.  If you’d like Lula’s riff on the drink, just ask for it for your next cocktail party!   As I remember fondly, I think to myself…sometimes things happen for a reason.  Now when we REALLY get our floor refinished we’ll be forced to do the same thing again, this time with a different itinerary and a whole new list of downtown Cincinnati experiences!

If you’re looking for something to do, or just want to improve your overall health, join me at New Riff Distillery and Event Center on March 9 for my cooking class and presentation “Feed Your Brain With Lula’s…O.W.N. IT!” from 6-8PM.  I sure would love to feed you!

A Valentine for You!


  I love VD.  Not the disease… … but I LOVE a chance to take a moment to reflect on love, and let those I love and respect know it, and to rethink my approach “in” love to all that I do.  I am in the middle of a special opportunity to feed lovers a valentine’s meal…and it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.  Makes me re-commit to myself to live my life in love ( and fun – life’s too short, remember!!).  I’m in love with a world that needs special care, people who need tenderness and empathy, situations that need humour, and I’m in love with what I wake up and do every day (and who I wake up with … I’m not slighting you, my fabulous hubby!!).  So here’s a pic of my most current heart… Macerated Mixed Cherries with Vanilla-Lemon Sabayon in Pastry Hearts…beating for all of you!!!


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