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Say CHEEEEESE, Please!

I had the pleasure of attending a tasting last week at My Artisano Cheese and boy was I delighted.  Two cheesemakers were there, Ed-Mar Dairy as well as My Artisano, and Britt Hedges of Martin & Company Wines was there to pour lovely pairing wines.

I’m so incredibly excited that our region is getting cheesy!  You can get a private tour or visit on Saturdays at Ed-Mar located in Walton KY, where you can watch the milking robot work and enjoy the healthy free range cows.  I was especially impressed with their Banklick Cream and Maddie’s Gold varieties, and Lula’s for Lunch, and More! Catering will  be picking up some of their special Queso very soon for a Mexican themed event.   You can pick up Ed Mar Cheeses at these retail outlets.

Eduardo Rodriguez, the cheesemaker at My Artisano, is so obviously passionate about his varieties as he lovingly explains his process.  He likes to name his cheese after place – a Blue Ash Airport Runway for his MOST important tasting Grisardo – a washed rind cheese – and Sharon Creek – his brie style cheese that will knock your socks off.  Click here to see where these cheeses can be bought or enjoyed at local restaurants.

I tasted all 3 wine varieties offered with the suggested cheeses, but I kept coming back to a Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero (a region in Spain) called Tamaral Crianza 2011.  I discovered that this gem can be picked up at Country Fresh Farmer’s Market in Anderson!  Yay!  So “Let’s Get Cheezy Wid It”!!

Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Fluffy!

Cool Citrus Pie

Let’s face it.  The reason we love whipped cream so much is because of the FAT in it.  The amazing velvety texture sliding around in our mouths…..and we all know, homemade whipped cream is the BEST.

How do you make the best whipped cream possible?  Understanding fat’s role in the whipping process will help you to never forget the basics:  “Whipped Cream” means air bubbles have been introduced into the cream.  The bubbles are suspended by the fat, which when properly chilled, are perfectly round, smooth globules that encase the air and keep the cream structure “lifted”.  As the cream warms, the fat globules become broken and irregular and have a hard time supporting the air volume.

Here’s what Lula does…put the beaters in the bowl and put the bowl in the freezer for ten minutes.  Pull your cream out of the refrigerator at the last possible second, and have your flavorings “at the ready” (mise en place, remember?).  It should take no more than about 80 seconds to more than double the volume of a cup of cream if the temperature is right!  Happy Whipping! 🙂